China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980

China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980


  英国Adam Matthew Publications(AMP)公司出版的”China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980″数据库,向读者提供了1793-1980年间中国与西方往来的珍贵史料,这些史料清晰,易于理解而又内容丰富,可以充分地运用于中国近代史的研究与教学。同时,对于独立的研究项目来说也十分理想,充分地反映了两个世纪以来,中国不可磨灭的社会与政治变化的方方面面,这些变化从根本上使中国成为一个现代化强国。

这些资料包括了大量的包含有不同人物、场景、风俗与事件的地图,彩色绘画,照片与画稿;包括了中国海关史上主要人物的重要文件,从ECM Bowra和CAV Bowra到赫德(Robert Hart)与梅乐和(Frederick Maze);主要外交使团到中国的档案,从马嘎尔尼(Macartney)与阿姆赫斯特(Amherst)到尼克松与赫斯等;在中国所有地区的外国传教团文件,如广东、澳门、上海与北京等;”Chinese Recorder,1867-1941″与”Light and Life, 1935-1970″,并可对它们进行完整全面的检索;以及英国国家档案馆馆藏的20世纪70年代与中国关系解冻的最新解密文件,等等。

数据库的资料来源于伦敦大学亚非学院,大英图书馆,英国国家档案馆与新西兰国家图书馆。AMP公司邀请了以下专家作为数据库的编辑顾问:Robert Bickers,英国布里斯托大学副校长,历史系教授;Richard Horowitz, 加利福尼亚州大学历史系教授;Man Kong Timothy Wong,香港浸会大学历史系教授。



China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980

This project answers the need for clear, intelligible and informative English-language sources relating to China and the West, 1793-1980, which can be used in the classroom or In course packs.

It is also ideal for independent projects on almost any aspect of Chinese history during the two centuries of monumental social and political upheaval that ultimately recreated China into a modern power. It comprises:

  • A large body of maps, colour paintings, photographs and drawings depicting people, places, customs and events that will enliven any study of China.
  • Substantial papers of key individuals involved in the Chinese Maritime Customs service from ECM and CAV Bowra to Robert Hart and Frederick Maze.
  • Records of major diplomatic missions to China ranging from the late 18th and early 19th century missions of Macartney and Amherst to those of Nixon and Heath in the 20th century.
  • Papers of missionaries active in all regions of China from Canton and Macao to Shanghai and Peking.
  • Complete, fully searchable runs of the Chinese Recorder, 1867-1941, and Light and Life, 1935-1970.
  • Recently opened files from the National Archives at Kew relating to the thawing of relations with China in the 1970s.

Consultant Editors:
Professor Robert Bickers, Department of History and Deputy Head (Research), Bristol University
Professor Richard Horowitz, Department of History, California State University, Northridge
Professor Man Kong Timothy Wong, Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University

Source Libraries: 
The School of Oriental and African Studies, London
The British Library, London
with additional material from the CMS Archive, the National Archives, Kew and the National Library of New Zealand

Nature of the Material:
Unique manuscript material relating to the activities and observations of British and American diplomats, missionaries, business people and tourists in China from 1793 to 1980, together with rare periodicals, colour paintings, maps photographs and drawings.

All of the printed materials (including the typescript records of Chinese Maritime Customs officials) have been double-keyed and are full-text searchable. All of the manuscript material has been indexed to provide ready accessibility for students by person, place and subject. An interactive map encourages searches by city and region.

There is no overlap with material published in ‘China and the West: The Maritime Customs Service Archive: From the Second Historical Archives, Nanjing, China’.

Scope of the Collection:
This project provides a wide variety of original source material detailing China’s interaction with the West from Macartney’s first Embassy to China in 1793, through to the Nixon/Heath visits to China in 1972-74.
It provides multiple perspectives – from politicians, diplomats, missionaries, business people and tourists, and documents many of the key events that happened in this period, including:

  • the 1793 Macartney Embassy
  • the 1816 Amherst Embassy
  • The founding of Singapore
  • the Opium Wars
  • the opening of Hong Kong
  • the Taiping Rebellion
  • Missions in China, 1869-1970
  • the Japanese seizure of Taiwan
  • the ‘opening of Korea’
  • the Sino-French and territorial struggles with Germany, Britain, America and Japan
  • the Boxer Uprising
  • the Russo-Japanese war
  • the 1911 Revolution
  • the Republican and Nationalist governments of Sun Yatsen and Jiang
  • the Warlord period
  • the Sino-Japanese war
  • the Rape of Nanjing
  • the Communist Revolution led by Mao
  • The Korean War
  • The Great Leap Forward
  • the 1972 Nixon visit to China
  • Rolls-Royce’s negotiations regarding the delivery of jet engines to China, 1973-1975
  • the Douglas-Home and Heath visits to China, 1973-74

There are key documents relating to the Chinese Maritime Customs service, from Robert Hart to Frederick Maze; significant sources describing the lives of missionaries in China; papers of key individuals such as Thomas Stamford Raffles, Francis Light, Lord Aberdeen and Rewi Alley; and complete, fully searchable runs of the Chinese Recorder, 1867-1941, and Light and Life, 1935-1970.
The material is ideal for project work as there are substantial clusters of original documents for almost all of the issues covered.

In addition, this project offers over 400 colour paintings, maps and drawings by English and Chinese artists, as well as countless photographs, sketches and ephemeral items, depicting Chinese people, places, customs and events, which provide a striking visual accompaniment to the documentary images.

详细目录(China:Trade,Politics and Culture,1793-1980 Contents List)

China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980 – Contents List

British Library, London

Add Ms 32165

Journal of a mission to India and China by an agent of the Austrian Government, in connexion with the Company trading in the East; 1782-1785. French.

Add Ms 13818

Statements relative to the trade between Europe, India and China in general, and the English East India Company’s trade in particular.

Add Ms 13875

Report on European relations with, and history of China, relative to a projected embassy to that country.

Add Ms 21106

“A journal of his Majesty’s ship Lion;” 1 Oct. 1792-7 Sept. 1794; kept by Sir Erasmus Gower during his voyage to China, when he conveyed there the British Ambassador, Lord Macartney; illustrated with maps and sketches.

Add Ms 33931

Original drawings made by Sir John Barrow, William Alexander, Samuel Daniell, and Captain Henry William Parish, on the Embassy to China under Earl Macartney in 1792-93.

Add Ms 35174

“Journal of a voyage to Pekin in China, on board the ‘Hindostan’ E.I.M., which accompanied Lord Macartney on his embassy to the Emperor,” kept by William Alexander, 1792-1794.

Add Ms 35300

“Original Drawings by William Alexander and by Samuel Daniell, artists of celebrity in their day.” Thirty-seven water-colour drawings, made for the most part in 1792-3 on Lord Macartney’s embassy to China.

Add Ms 29214

1. NARRATIVE of a voyage to Cochin China in. 1778, by Charles Chapman

2. “Captain Michael Symes’s narrative of his; Embassy to Ava,” in 1795.

Eg 3299

‘A narrative of the Circumstances which led to the Settling of the Island Penang in 1786’ by James Scott; 1794.

Add Ms 45271

RAFFLES PAPERS. Vol. I Letter-book containing:- (1) A copy of instructions to Captain Light, Superintendent of Penang, for the occupation and government of the island

Add Ms 45272

RAFFLES PAPERS. Vol. II Letter-book containing copies (the last incomplete) of despatches from Raffles whilst in Java.

Add Ms 45273

RAFFLES PAPERS. Vol. III Complimentary addresses from the people of Java to Raffles on his retirement as Lieutenant-Governor in 1816.

Add Ms 30353

Reports on the Island of Java to Lieutenant-Governor Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles; circ. 1811-1815. Copies; with notes by Captain Godfrey Phipps Baker.

Add Ms 31237

Miscellaneous Papers, 1796-1844. On British interests in the Eastern Archipelago, by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles; accompanied by a letter of the author.

Add Ms 45127

Journal of the East India Company’s ship ‘Dorsetshire’, Nathaniel Turner, Commander, kept by Charles William Hales, Captain’s Clerk; 15 Feb. 1817-26 Apr.

Add Ms 41456

MARTIN PAPERS. Vol. CXI. Journal of Sir William Fanshawe Martin as 1st Class Volunteer on board H. M. S. ‘Alceste’ during her voyage with Lord Amherst’s abortive mission to China; 3 Feb. 1816-17 Aug.

Add Ms 33411

Papers off John Crawfurd, relating to Java and the neighbouring Islands, and to his Embassy to Cochin-China; circ. 1811-1823.

Add Ms 43161

ABERDEEN PAPERS. Vols. CXIV-CXLIX. Letter-books containing copies or abstracts of the official correspondence of Lord Aberdeen, as Foreign Secretary, with British Ambassadors and Ministers abroad. Vol. CXXIII To China, Nov. 1841-June 1846.

Add Ms 43132

As Above. Vol. CXXIV From China, June 1841-April 1846.

Add Ms 37715

CHINA BOOKS, consisting of copies of minutes and letters of Lord Auckland, written to the British Plenipotentiaries and Commanders, etc., in China during the “Opium
War” in 1840-1842. Vol I. 7 Apr. 1840-8 Oct. 1841.

Add Ms 37716

CHINA BOOKS Volume II. Duplicate of Vol.I

Add Ms 37717

CHINA BOOKS Volume III. 9 Oct. 1841-24 Feb. 1842.

Add Ms 72819

LAY PAPERS. VOL. I. Correspondence of Horatio Nelson Lay, with a few other letters relating to members of his family and his descendants; 1844-1905.

Add Ms 72820

LAY PAPERS. VOL. II. Documents, papers and newspaper cuttings relating to the career of Horatio Nelson Lay, and a few miscellaneous family papers; 1845-1937.

Add Ms 72821

LAY PAPERS. VOL. III. Diary of Eliza Elspeth Legge, future wife of Horatio Nelson Lay, kept while on board the ‘Dora’; 1859.

Add Ms 72822

LAY PAPERS. VOL. IV. Letter book, in Horatio Nelson Lay’s hand, containing copies of correspondence of Lay and Captain Sherard Osborn with various individuals relating to the purchase and organisation of the naval force for the protection of the China treaty ports in 1862-1863.

Add Ms 72823

LAY PAPERS. VOL. V. Letters Patent from Queen Victoria to George Tradescant Lay appointing him Consul in Amoy, China. Countersigned by Lord Aberdeen; 1844.

Add Ms 49550

HALIFAX PAPERS. Vol. XX. Letters of Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, mostly as Commander-in-Chief in the East Indies and China; 1855-1858. Partly printed.

Add Ms 50954

BAILLIE JOURNALS. Vol. I. Journal describing his voyages from London via Penang, Singapore and Manila to Canton and Hong Kong; 2 Dec. 1857-4 May 1860.

Add Ms 50955

BAILLIE JOURNALS. Vol. II. Journal of his experiences in the China campaign; 14 May 1860-5 Dec. 1861.

Add Ms 52414

HOPE GRANT PAPERS. Vol. I. Letter book, mostly as Commander of British forces in China; 1860-1861.

Add Ms 77392

ALTHORP PAPERS . Volume mmxcii. Correspondence of Spencer with Vice-Admiral Sir Edmund Fremantle, Commander-in-Chief, China; 1893-30 June 1894.

Add Ms 77393

ALTHORP PAPERS. Vol. mmxciii. 30 July 1894-1895.

Add Ms 77346A

ALTHORP PAPERS. Vol. mmxlvi a. Papers relating to Asia, including Afghanistan, India, Armenia and China.

Add Ms 52305

SCOTT PAPERS. Vol. XII . Diary of Sir Charles Scott, covering part of the China crisis, 19-21 June 1900.

Add Ms 71946a-b

CHINA: sketch map by Charles George Gordon, with a photograph of him in the ceremonial robes of a mandarin; 1864.

Add Ms 69822a-f

GOUGH MAPS: maps and views of locations in China, Burma and India from the papers of Hugh, 1st Viscount Gough.

Add Ms 57699

R.U.S.I. MAPS. Vol. LXIV (1-13). The Far East.

Add Ms 11704

Atlas von China by M. Klaproth.

Add Ms 11705

A collection of Maps of China, drawn by M. Klaproth.

Add Ms 11706

Engraved maps of the provinces of Kiang-nan, and Tche kiang, by M. Klaproth;-Original map of Cochin China; Engraved map of Chinese Tartary; Maps of the province of Omsk in northern Tartary, and of the central north of Mongolia; Large engraved map of Chinese Tartary.

Add Ms 12183

A series of 42 maps comprising the several provinces of China; with a synoptical map of the whole empire; drawn by a Chinese hand.

Add Ms 16355

Series of thirty-two Maps of the provinces of China, executed by natives.

Add Ms 16356

Official native maps of the province of Keangse, in China, and of its several Foo or Departments.

Add Ms 16358

Sixteen Official Native Maps of China.

Add Ms 52396

1. Maps of China, mostly by Gen. Gordon, Taiping Rebellion, 1862-1864.
2. Sketch maps, views, and notes on the Nile and equatorial Africa1875-1883.

Add Ms 57844

MAP OF CHINA: ‘Sketch map of Wuchufu and neighbourhood explanatory of the operations agst the rebels July & August 1864’ by Charles George Gordon.

Add Ms 16363

Charts of China, partly drawn by European hands.

Add Ms 16364

Charts of the coast of Fuhke?n, China, drawn by Europeans.

Add Ms 16365

Charts of the coast of China, drawn by European hands.

Add Ms 19763-5

Drawings of Chinese manufactories of tea, china, rice, silk, and cotton, and of Chinese boats, by a Chinese artist trained in a European school. Three volumes.

There are also c400 colour images from the British Library archives (from various sources) which support and illustrate the manuscripts. Many of them are drawings
and sketches by William Alexander from the Macartney embassy, but there are also photographs, portraits, and paintings of Chinese life, many by Chinese artists.

School of Oriental and African Studies, London (SOAS):

MS 380334

John Baker Carpenter, miscellaneous papers.

MS 380396

Compendium of Instructions to HM Consular Officials in China. 2 vols

MS 380401

David McLean, letter books 1862-1889

MS 380476

Letters of James and Hannah Legge, 1866-1897 and Misc papers

MS 380645

William Lockhart, transcripts of Lockhart’s correspondence and biography

PP MS 11

Alan Baker/William Evans, correspondence c1883-1913

PP MS 49

Papers of the Scott Family, correspondence 1909-1940, plus notebooks, diaries and misc papers

PP MS 67

Sir Robert Hart, private letters 1868-1906, plus official letter and misc papers

MS 211081

Sir Robert Hart letterbook

MS 211351

Sir Robert Hart correspondence


Sir Frederick Maze, correspondence, letters, reports and despatches c1882-1943

PP MS 69

Bowra Papers, correspondence, diaries, ephemera, photographs, biographies, scrapbooks

SOAS Printed Material:

The Chinese Recorder 1869-1937 (1867, 1938-41 from Yale)


Rodney Gilbert, The Unequal Treaties: China and the Foreigner (London, 1929)


W. E. Soothill, China and England (1928)


The Anti-foreign riots in China in 1891 (1892)
N. China Daily News and N. China Herald

cc 327.09034/2954

Henry Brougham Loch, A Narrative of Events in China – Earl of Elgin’s Second Embassy (3rd ed. 1900)

CWML Q.175

S. Wells Williams, A History of China (1897)

CWML N.170

Sir George Staunton, Macartney’s Embassy to China (London 1821, trans. From Chinese)

CWML s139 v.1

G. Lanning and S. Couling, The History of Shanghai (Shanghai, 1921)


Charles William Cambell, [Handbook to] China (London, 1920)

CWML L36 2v

Alexander Michie, The Englishman in China during the Victorian Era: as illustrated in the career of Sir Rutherford Alcock (Edinburg, 1900)


Mary Hooker, Behind the scenes in Peking, being experiences during the Siege of the Legations (London, 1910)

CWML A.18/5

Sun Yat-Sen, Three principles: English reader translated into simple English with abridgement and adaptation from the original […] with full notes and questions for class discussion by Baen Lee (Shanghai, 1927)

CWML N46 2v

Sir John Barrow, Some account of the public life, and a selection from the unpublished writings, of the Earl of Macartney (London, 1807)


Clarke Abel, Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and of a Voyage to and from that Country, in the years 1816 and 1817:containing an account of the most interesting transactions of Lord Amherst’s Embassy to the Court of Pekin and observations on the countries which it visited (London, 1818)


William Henry Sykes, The Taeping Rebellion in China: its origin, Dense type progress, and present condition: in a series of letters addressed to the “Aberdeen Free Press” and the “London Daily News” (London, 1863)

CC327.5101821 /4008

Hart, Sir Robert, These from the land of Sinimi (1901)

SOAS Maps and Atlases:

Atlas D87/114420

The New Atlas and Commercial Gazetteer of China, by the Far eastern Geographical Establishment, 1917


China, by J. Arrowsmith, 1858

Atlas D87 3253

Atlas of the Chinese Empire; containing separate maps of the 18 provinces of China proper on the scale of 1:3,000,000 and of the 4 great dependencies on the scale of
1:7,500,000 together with an index to all the names on the maps and a list of all the protestant mission stations, by Edward Stanford for the C.I.M, 1908-1909


Map of China, compiled from original surveys and sketches, by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen, 1840.


Maps and plans accompanying China through the stereoscope, c1902.


Map of China: prepared for the China Inland Mission, 1898.


Church Missionary Society:


Light and Life Magazine of the Dublin University Missions 1935-1947


Light and Life Magazine of the Dublin University Missions 1949-1970

  • Faithful unto death. A memorial of Eleanor J Harrison and Edith Nettleton of Chungan, Fukien, China. Reprinted from The Dawn, November and December 1930 (12p)
  • DE GRUCHE, Kingston, Dr D Duncan Main of Hangchow, who is known in China as Dr Apricot of Heaven Below (243pp)
  • GAMMIE, Alexander: Duncan Main of Hangchow (159pp)
  • MOULE, Handley Carr Glyn: George Evans Moule, D D, missionary and bishop in China. Honorary fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (16pp)
  • MOULE, Handley Carr Glyn: A short memoir of George Evans Moule. By his brother. Together with a memoir and verses by the Venerable A E Moule, D.D and a letter from the Right Reverend H J Molony (39pp)
  • In memoriam. George Evans Moule, from the Journal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (5pp)
  • HEADLAND, Emily: The Right Rev. William Armstrong Russell, D.D, Missionary Bishop in North China, C.M.S. missionary from 1847-1879 (15pp)
  • HEADLAND, Emily: The Rev. George Smith, C.M.S. missionary from 1858-1863 (15pp)
  • HEADLAND, Emily: The Rev. George Smith, D.D, Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong, C.M.S. missionary from 1844-1849 (16pp)
  • STEWART, Robert Warren: Letters from the Rev. Robert W Stewart on the recent disturbances in Foochow (No. 42 in Reports, Letters, etc Vol II, 8pp)
  • WATSON, Mary E: Robert and Louisa Stewart in life and in death. With a chapter by Mr Eugene Stock (x, 242pp)
  • ELWIN, Arthur: A short sketch of the life of Mary Vaughan of Hangchow (80pp)


Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand:

The Papers of Rewi Alley

MS-Papers-6533-357 – Notes on Yunnan, [c1969], 1958

MS-Papers-6533-358 – Notes on Shansi Province, 1967

MS-Papers-6533-369 – Notes on Shansi Province, c1973-1985

MS-Papers-6533-372 – Notes on Shanghai, 1934-1969

MS-Papers-6533-373 – Notes on Shanghai, 1934-1973

MS-Papers-6533-382 – Articles on Prominent Chinese Revolutionaries, c1970-1987

MS-Papers-6533-383 – Articles on Americans in China, c1970-1987

MS-Papers-6533-384 – Articles on Dr B K Basu and Hand Mueller, c1986

MS-Papers-6533-415 – Articles on the Cultural Revolution, c1967-1969

MS-Papers-6533-416 – Articles on Industrial Development in China, 1967-1969


National Archives, London:

FCO 21/479

Reforms [education] 1968 Jan 01-1969 Dec 31

FCO 21/480

Institutions 1968 Jan 01-1969 Dec 31

FCO 21/643

Annual review of China, 1969 1970 Jan 01-1970 Dec 31

FCO 21/680

State of education and educational institutes in China. 1970 Jan 01-1970 Dec 31

FCO 21/802

China: annual review for 1970 1971 Jan 01 – 1971 Dec 31

FCO 21/841

Economic situation in China 1971 Jan 01 – 1971 Dec 31

FCO 21/855

Visit of Mr Malcolm MacDonald to China Jan 01 – 1971 Dec 31

FCO 21/860

Taiwan: annual review for 1970 1971 Jan 01 – 1971 Dec 31

FCO 21/968

China: annual review for 1971 1972 Jan 01-1972 Dec 31

FCO 21/871

International future of Hong Kong 1971 Jan 01 – 1971 Dec 31

FCO 21/982

Visit of President of United States, Richard Nixon, to China February 1972 1972 Jan 01-1972 Dec 31

FCO 21/983

Visit of President of United States, Richard Nixon, to China 1972 Jan 01-1972 Dec 31

FCO 21/993

Visit of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Sir Alec Douglas-Home 1972 Jan 01-1972 Dec 31

FCO 21/994

Visit of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Sir Alec Douglas-Home 1972 Jan 01-1972 Dec 31

FCO 21/995

Visit of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, to China 1972 Jan 01-1973 Dec 31

FCO 21/996

Visit of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, to China 1972 Jan 01-1972 Dec 31

FCO 21/1087

China: annual review for 1972 1973 Jan 01 – 1973 Dec 31

FCO 21/1115

Visit of Peter Walker, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, and Michael Heseltine, Minister for Aerospace and Shipping 1973 Jan 01 – 1973 Dec 31

FCO 21/1124

Policy on export of aircraft and spares from the UK to China 1973 Jan 01 – 1973 Dec 31

FCO 21/1126

Policy on export of aircraft and spares to China from the UK 1973 Jan 01 – 1973 Dec 31

FCO 21/1226

China: annual review for 1973 1974 Jan 01 – 1974 Dec 31

FCO 21/1239

Visit of Edward Heath MP, leader of Conservative Party, to China, 21 May – 2 June 1974 1974 Jan 01 – 1974 Dec 31

FCO 21/1240

Visit of Edward Heath MP, leader of Conservative Party, to China, 21 May – 2 June 1974 1974 Jan 01 – 1974 Dec 31

FCO 21/1249

Export of helicopters to China from UK 1974 Jan 01 – 1974 Dec 31

FCO 21/1371

Internal situation in China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1372

Internal situation in China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1373

Internal situation in China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1374

Internal situation in China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1376

China: annual review for 1974 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1393

Export of Rolls Royce Spey engines to China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1394

Export of Rolls Royce Spey engines to China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1398

Export of Rolls Royce Spey engines to China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1399

Export of Rolls Royce Spey engines to China: draft contract 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1400

Export of Rolls Royce Spey engines to China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1401

Export of Rolls Royce Spey engines to China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31

FCO 21/1407

Export of Hawker Siddeley Harrier jet aircraft to China 1975 Jan 01 – 1975 Dec 31



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